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The WOTC benefits from increasing bipartisan support. This group of incentives is expected to grow considerably in the next few decades.

  • State Growth

    Most states now have equivalent programs, and administrative agencies to help simplify / take them.

  • States

    States have developed variable hiring and enterprise zone credits supplementing these results.

  • WOTC Coverage

    Companies hiring employees from the following groups are eligible for a tax credit


  • Veterans: Variable, enables up to $9,600.00 / yr.
  • Rehabilitation: $2,400.00 / yr.
  • Ex-Felon: $2,400.00 / yr.
  • Enterprise Zone: $2,400.00 / yr.
  • Summer Youth: $1,200.00 / yr.
  • Welfare (TANF/LTFAR): $2,400.00 / yr.
  • Food Stamps (SNAP): $2,400.00 / yr.
  • Social Security: $2,400.00 / yr.
  • Long-term Unemployed: $2,400.00 / yr.


  • Powerful

    Credits are the most powerful tax tool, reducing tax dollar-for-dollar up to the credit ceiling.

  • Retroactive

    Until the grace period expires, the incentive can be taken from 1/1/2015.

  • Simple

    We have teams of CPAs, attorneys, and programmers which have interpreted and simplified the application process.

  • Flexible

    Our team has integrated relevant technical and accounting documents necessary to file the credit.


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