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The first measure of this field is accuracy. Generating reliable results from disparate, diverse, or massive files is the first priority.

  • Doc-type Agnostic

    We can translate virtually any standard accounting file into a project-based credit platform.

  • Small Data Sets

    For those with more limited data, a default credit structure can be used while this data starts to be captured.

  • Defensible

    As the credit is always maximally specific, the credit is always at its most defensible.


There is power in simplicity.  The ability to distill concepts to their essence means more effective action.  We have developed systems that generate organization from complex tax structures, ensuring every solution is at its core, simple.

Properly controlling a project requires an abundance of power. This system is developed from the most robust technologies available.

  • EEPB InnovaTax Advantage is built on the latest technology for optimized credit calculation, faster processing, more accurate results, and more secure processing.

  • Each customer receives their own VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), and internal database site, as well as a defensible external site for auditors, tax agents, and officials to review.


2950 North Loop West
Suite 1200
Houston, Texas 77092
Phone: 713-622-0016

2950 North Loop West Suite 1200 • Houston, Texas 77092 • Phone: 713.622.0016

EEPB InnovaTax, LLC is a State of Texas registered tax adviser located in Houston, TX.

EEPB InnovaTax specializes in Research and Development income tax consultation; Tax advisory services; Tax and taxation planning advice, information and consultancy services; and Tax consultation.

EEPB InnovaTax, LLC. - Not A CPA FIRM

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